We Offer Mortgage Refinance

We offer Mortgage Refinance in East Baton Rouge, LA

There are many homeowners in the East Baton Rouge LA area and far beyond that are struggling to pay their monthly mortgage. There are many homeowners that are even losing their homes due to foreclosure. A mortgage refinance can help you to set new terms for your mortgage, and this can be a great relief. 

When you reduce your payment, this can be the major factor that allows you to stay in your home. Interest rates and mortgage rates are at a great number right now. This can be a great time to renegotiate the monthly payment you are making. When you can reduce your interest, you can in turn reduce your payment. 

When you are preparing for a refinance you will want to provide the right documents to get the process started. Your income, credit report, and home equity will be used to determine if you are eligible. If you find you are eligible for a refinance, you will want to begin looking at mortgage lenders to see which ones can provide the best options for your needs. 

Sun Mortgage Funding will help you to find the solution if you are struggling with your current mortgage. They now offer the option of mortgage refinance and you will find an experienced team ready to help you. 

You should know the current interest rates you are paying for your home. If you are currently paying for an adjustable rate, you may want to consider switching to a fixed rate. This can give you a monthly payment that will not change. This is often the preferred choice by homeowners and will give you a chance to count on a secure payment each month for your home. 

Sun Mortgage Funding can also offer you some ways to make renovations to your home. This can be very important in maintaining the value of your home. Your Louisiana Mortgage may have enough equity for you to easily qualify for a loan for home improvements. When you make the right improvements you will find new life in your home. 

When you begin to explore the refinance process, you will find that this can actually be very simple to accomplish. You will be able to lower your rates for your payment and possibly your interest. There are many different levels of a refinance. Call today to schedule a free consultation! 1-800-370-2292

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