We Offer Home Renovation Loans

We offer Home Renovation Loans in Orleans, LA

It has been a long decade for people living in Orleans LA. Thankfully, much of the past is behind us and real estate values are rising with employment levels all over the country.

Because of the new income dynamics and the fact that mortgage rates are staying very low, it is a great time to consider financing home improvements via a home renovation loan. 

Locally, Sun Mortgage Funding is a firm that offers a path to home improvements through either traditional equity loans or home renovation loans. Their lengthy experience as mortgage brokers allows them to offer the mortgage refinance scenario that makes the most sense for your purposes.

In business in the area since 1996, Sun Mortgage Funding also knows how to work with clients that have had trouble with their personal credit in the past. Home renovation loans offered through home improvement loan companies like Sun are designed to take stock of the equity that you have in your existing home and then compare it to what remodeling or additions you plan in order to determine how much of a loan you can receive.

The nice thing is that home improvement loan companies are able to provide mortgage refinancethrough home renovation loans a bit more easily than a bank can hand out equity lines because the money that you receive is pledged to the project at hand. The difference now for Orleans LA residents is that housing market values are rising for the first time in a few years and it makes economic sense to talk to mortgage brokers while mortgage rates remain low. Another positive is that if even if you have restrictions on how your historical home is to be renovated, you can qualify based on the existing home equity that you have.

So whether you are looking at remodeling your kitchen, converting a room into a home office, or even renovating the attic, you can do so with a home renovation loan. And remember, Sun's specialists have at least 50 years of experience in the business so they can definitely help you make a solid start. Call us today to schedule a free consultation! 1-800-370-2292

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