Reverse Mortgage Loan in Hammond LA

Senior homeowners residing in Hammond LA can now achieve financial freedom. Sun Mortgage Funding offers services that can put money into almost any person’s pocket. For senior homeowners, the option of reverse mortgage can do just that. This option has very little requirements and does not involve repayment immediately.

Many people are unaware of the benefits of a reverse mortgage loan. We will like to educate and assist senior citizens that are in need of extra money. This type of loan allows seniors to have access to the equity in their home. There homes could be completely paid off or the borrower can still be making payments on it. In order to qualify, the applicant for this senior assistance loan must be of the age of 62 or older. We understand that many seniors are living on a fixed income and for them this loan will be a great opportunity. There are not income requirements. A homeowner can be in a low or high income bracket.

Some senior citizens are struggling financially each day, with no end in sight. This loan can give them the comfort and stability they need in order to stop worrying about their bills and cost of daily living. Start focusing on enjoying life today by contacting us!

The loan can be paid as a line of credit or the borrower can receive monthly payments. A line of credit can be used by the borrower to renovate their home or pay off their mortgage completely. Some individuals choose the monthly payment options. These monthly payments can be used to pay for purchases, provide mortgage assistance, or pay for a much needed trip. The borrower can enjoy life and not immediately worry about repaying the loan back. Repayment of the loan is only required in three situations; if the borrower moves, sells the home, or dies.

Sun Mortgage Funding has solutions for the senior home owners in Hammond LA. This solution is called a reverse mortgage loan; it can provide financial security for these individuals in their golden years. Stop struggling to make ends meet and give us a call today.

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