Renovation Loans

Renovation Loans

As your largest asset, your home needs to receive proper care. Maintenance issues should always hold top priority to ensure the value of your home. Renovations to your home can increase your property value, as well as increase your standard of living.

When you want to repair or renovate your home, finding the available money to do so may seem impossible. Renovations can often run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Most people do not have this amount of cash available, so they often overlook the repair or forgo the renovation.

There are options, however, that will allow you to renovate your home using the equity that you already have in your property.

A renovation loan can be taken out against the equity in your home. Because the loan itself will go towards the improvement of the property, these loans can be easier to qualify for than a standard equity loan.

Sun Mortgage Funding, a locally owned and operated mortgage company, understands that there are times that you need to access the equity in your home to make repairs. With many different mortgage options available, Sun Mortgage can work with home owners to obtain the funding they need to complete their project.

Sun Mortgage specializes in helping home owners with every type of credit history. Even if you have had a bankruptcy, Sun Mortgage can help you secure a loan against the equity in your home for renovations.

A large percentage of the value of your home will depend on how well it is maintained. If you are planning to sell in the future, the only way to ensure that you receive top dollar for your home is to make sure it is top condition. A renovation loan will provide you with the cash you need to bring your home into peak condition. 

If you plan on remaining in your home, a renovation may be just what you need to make the home exactly what you desire. Perhaps the kitchen is in need of replacement, or another room needs to be added for additional family members. Whatever your needs are, you can make happen with a renovation loan from Sun Mortgage.

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