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Property Purchasing in Saint Bernard LA

Sun Mortgage Funding is a company that offers loans to help consumers purchase a home. This company can help consumers in Saint Bernard LA purchase or remodel a home. Sun Mortgage can help a customer get a loan to purchase a home. The company can also help customers refinance current loans. Homeowners can also get loans from Sun Mortgage to remodel their home.

This company is primarily a mortgage lender. This means that one of the company’s main purposes is to provide a mortgage loan to help people purchase a home or an investment property. One of the special home purchasing loans the company offers is the Rural Development Loan. These loans are insured by the Federal Government and are meant to help increase the population in rural areas. Other mortgage loans are geared toward helping consumers purchase an investment property. Multi-unit property loans fall into this category. These loans help consumers purchase properties with more than one living unit but less than five units. 

This funding company also offers another service to customers, mortgage refinance. This service also consumers to combine multiple loans and/or mortgage loans into a single loan. By doing this, a customer can lower his/her interest rates and payments. Refinancing can help consumers save money. It also makes repaying loans more convenient. 

Another loan that is similar to mortgage refinancing is a bill consolidation loan. When a customer takes out this type of loan, s/he transfers his/her existing loans or debts into a single loan. These loans lower interest rates and help customers pay off the debt quicker. Customers seeking to take out this type of loan should insure that getting this loan will lower their interest rates. This type of loan does not allow all kinds of loans and debts to be consolidated. Bill consolidation loans might not be able to combine mortgage and student loans into a single loan.

Homeowners can also use this company to get loans to help them renovate or remodel their homes. This is helpful for people who need to expand their homes or are planning on selling their homes. A house that has been remodeled is more valuable than a home that has not been remodeled. These loans can be a good investment for home owners who want to increase the value of their personal homes or rental properties.

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