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Home buyers and property investors in Lafayette LA that are seeking property finance for a real estate purchase, find Sun Mortgage Funding to be the most in mortgage lender products and services. Our business mission is to source a compatible loan for your real estate investment. The company is dedicated to customer service at each phase of the loan application process. We train our loan representatives to assist clients in locating the right mortgage finance for the property the desire. 

Experienced real estate investors acknowledge that mortgage lending is often a critical factor in earning the most on a real estate investment. Amortization of debt is minimal when a property creates return on investment in a strong real estate market. Property purchases are substantially leveraged when a mortgage loan is attributed to investor finance. If you are a first time buyer, this can be an opportunity to generate the most capitalization on an initial property purchase. 

When searching for a mortgage loan, it is essential to have the proper information about the type of finance that might be best suited to a particular real estate transaction. We are the number one mortgage lending services provider in Louisiana State. The Company’s representatives work to guide clients through the loan financing process. Our client’ mortgage applications generally obtain the maximum allowable amount accorded to a credit record and property price. 

We know that it is important for clients to be comfortable with the lending process. Our company has been providing home financing services assistance to clients for several decades. Loans are often the foundation to an exciting future in real estate investment. Whether you are looking for mortgage refinance or are a first time buyer, mortgage service providers can help you succeed in your transaction with confidence. 

A licensed service provider for US Government FHA loans, our company assists new home buyers with limited resources in application to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac finance. We offer the same customer service attention to each FHA loan as we do our other finance applicants. Attain the government lending package you need to qualify for a real estate purchase. FHA is an easy and reliable method of obtaining a mortgage home loan. 

Our lending process allows clients to make decisions at each stage in the consideration. Changes to an application in process are no problem. We are here to support your real estate purchase. Our goal is to facilitate lending so that clients can meet their property investment objectives without delay. 

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