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Property Purchasing in Kenner LA

If you like to travel, you know you have the best of all worlds by living in Kenner LA. Hosting Lousiana's largest airport and maintaining its small city charm, while being located close to New Orleans is the kind of combination of convenience and good living that many families are looking for.

It is also a very good place to consider building a home. Currently in Kenner LA, there are almost 150 properties for sale for new owners to build on. When you go to finance a new home and property purchase, you would want to consider working with a mortgage lender that has a lot of experience working locally and with property purchase / new home construction combination loans. 

Sun Mortgage Funding is one of the oldest and busiest mortgage loan brokers in Louisiana. Despite their popularity, they remain busy because they take the time to ensure every customer gets the very best service when it comes to finding financing, be it mortgage refinance or new home construction.

And although they help a lot of people purchase homes that are already built, they have almost 35 years of experience working with people like yourself who are considering designing and building their own place. 

Property purchase types of loans work by having the new owner, which is you, apply for financing for either just the property or the property and an improvement like a new home. For most people that are purchasing, the plan is to move forward with construction of a new home. In that situation, the lender will try and determine a valuation for the loan based on the estimated costs of constructing your new home and the costs of paying for your property. Depending upon how many of your own finishing touches you add, the cost of a built home can be much lower than that of a pre-built home.

Of course the important thing to remember is that if you are seeking a property purchase and home construction loan that you will want to have your plans for your dream home ready in advance. Sun would recommend that you contact them as soon as you have made the decision to purchase land and build. That way, you can start working with them to determine what your potential budget will be to purchase your property and actually build your home. You can then create or select your plans with confidence. Visit them today to get more details!

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