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Property Purchasing in Grand Isle LA

Grand Isle people are a hearty group. They have to be. In addition to the commute and the risk of getting slammed by tropical storms, they have the regular rigors of maintaining a property on the gulf. For those who love the island atmosphere, however, there is no finer place to be. When we get a chance to help people from Grand Isle LA, we know that we are helping someone achieve a life long dream, or keep their dream alive. At Sun Mortgage Funding, we help people from all over the South Louisiana area on a daily basis. We are a Louisiana mortgage lender helping people get money when they need it. 

We have a reputation for successfully getting funding for those that want to buy a home, get a first or second mortgage refinance, or even just consolidate their bills. We have been successful in this state because of the level of service and effort we put into getting the funding people need. We served this region for over 17 years, yet the combined experience of our loan generating staff is over fifty years. We've learned that getting the funding is the bottom line. To that end, we get to know you, your plans, and your needs. Then, applications are filled out promptly and accurately, and every avenue of funding possible is explored. Even if your credit rating has taken a beating over the years, you could still be eligible for a loan. Just making your house or rent payments, and staying employed, may have put you in a position to the money you need. 

In that regard, we have FHA and VA loans that are typically a great avenue for first time buyers as well as a wide network of lending institutions and banks that provide funding for a variety of purposes. Additions or remodels are common, as well as loans for investment properties. In some cases, we have even been able to finance business ventures, cars or trucks, and boats or trailers. 

We have the lowest rates available right now with our adjustable rate mortgage loan. Yet, even our fixed rate loans are historically low. With the economy getting better all the time, interest rates will soon be going up. Those who would like to refinance solely to get a lower monthly payment, or lower their over all loan cost, need to act before the opportunity closes. 

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