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If the rest of the world is on a racetrack, Assumption LA is watching from the bleachers. Though one of the six original counties in Louisiana, it has seen fit to grow at it’s own pace, in it’s own way, with a unique rural dispersement of houses and townships strewn in between the sugar fields along the waterway. Sun Mortgage Funding would like to invite all those in Assumption Parish, who are looking for funding, to call or go online, and see what we can do for you. We are a mortgage lender that has a history of helping Louisiana residents get funding, even when other lenders have turned them down.

We are the company to go to first when you need a mortgage loan. Whether it’s a first or second mortgage refinance, trying to get a better rate, or to consolidate your bills, we feel we can save you a lot of time and undue stress if you come to us first. We have a lot of options for those who need funding. We can also help with home improvement loans, small equity loans and even financing for starting a business. If you have been considering getting a second, revenue-generating property, for rental or resale, we are the Louisiana lender with a history of helping to get money when you need it. 

Don’t think that you can’t get funding just because you have been turned down in the past. Even people who have a less than stellar credit history can get funding. We’ve helped people who have suffered from medical layoffs, divorce and even bankruptcy. Often, your mortgage or rental payment record and job history have already put you in a position to be considered for a loan. We also have FHA and VA loans for those who are just getting started and want to buy their first home. These provide a great way for people with regular jobs and incomes to get their dream home.

Interest rates are at the lowest they have been in decades. With the economy recovering, the loan rates that we are enjoying now will soon be gone. Many people can both lower their monthly payment and the over all cost of their house note by refinancing at a lower rate. Take a minute to fill out our online loan pre-qualification form, and one of our loan specialists will give you a call to see what we can do for you.

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