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Property Purchasing in Ascension LA

Sun Mortgage Funding is loaning money for purchasing new homes, resale homes and refinancing existing homes. As a new service, our company is also purchasing the homes of folks in Ascension LA who need buyers. For generations, we have been the Mortgage Lender who is devoted to helping people buy and sell homes in Louisiana and we plan to be doing the same thing here in Louisiana for many more generations.

It has been our honor and privilege to serve the beautiful state of Louisiana’s home loan needs. Alongside the citizens of Louisiana, we have been present and available through recessions and recoveries knowing that there is always a way to help the people in the communities we serve. In the event you are unsure of your capabilities and opportunities regarding any type of home financing need, please call, or visit. Sharing information may be the best way to help and we are glad to educate and inform for free.

Possibly, a Mortgage Refinance will lower your payments and release cash for needed improvements or expenses. Sometimes, a refinance that serves to consolidate more than one loan against a property is very beneficial. If payments can be reduced, we want to make this happen. Come and talk to us today. If cash is needed and it is possible to release cash to you through a refinance or second mortgage, we are standing by to either answer questions, or begin processing a loan for you. If this is the right time is right to buy a home, or you want to know if a certain home is within your capabilities, we will pre-qualify you immediately so you can take the next step. Being pre-qualified will allow your purchase offer to be taken seriously. These home buying conditions are as good as they are going to get and we can help make sure it will not be a lost opportunity. With our timely purchasing service, we can buy your existing home so you can buy another while it is still available.

Sun Mortgage Funding cares about Ascension LA. We are committed to our responsibilities as the Mortgage lender for this community as well as all communities in the state of Louisiana. For any Mortgage Refinance advice or processing, we want to help. Our loan company would like all of the Mortgage Loan business in Louisiana and we are prepared to earn the business. Call us today for any home financing needs or questions. 800-370-2292

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