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Obama New Mortgage Plan in Madison LA

Mortgage foreclosures hit an all time high a few years ago. People scrambled searching for a way to pay their mortgage. It became increasingly easy to walk through any neighborhood across the country and find foreclosed homes lining the streets. People were simply unable to keep up with the rising interest rates and the failing economy that affected their ability to pay off their bills. Fortunately, there is help over the horizon thanks to the Obama new Mortgage Plans.

Struggling with your mortgage? The Obama plan is here to make life easier for those who are struggling to meet their monthly mortgage obligation. Sources state that the housing market is started to improve. Consequently, more people are thinking about home ownership. Sources state that the government certainly does not want to see the housing market crash like it did several years ago. The new proposal guarantees more housing loans. This is certainly good news for potential new home buyers in Madison LA and Calcasieu LA.

Looking to refinance your home? We are a very influential and trustworthy company that provides a mortgage loan to people just like you. In fact they are the number one mortgage lender in the region providing loans to current home owners and others thinking about purchasing a new home. The family owned company has been a part of the local community for a very long time. They are encouraging growth in the community by providing a loan program for people in the community.

Remember that all mortgage companies are not the same. What do you look for in a mortgages lender? First, it is important to work with a lender that has a long and very positive record in the community. Avoid fly by night operations that open their door one day and are gone the next. Look for an affordable lender. Look for one who will work to save their client money. Look for a lender that provides alternate loan programs for their customers. For example, refinancing loans, first and second loans, home improvement loans, investment loans. This demonstrates experience and dedication to providing loans to the community.

New proposed government regulations have made it possible to afford a home. The housing market is starting to really recover and experience true growth. This is the best time for a home owner to think about refinancing or a potential home owner to think about purchasing a home. Contact Sun Mortgage Funding today for more information.

Obama New Mortgage Plan in Winn LA

Winn LA property buyers have an exceptional opportunity to buy a new home or commercial real estate with mortgage lending. Property investors seeking a mortgage lending service that offers a complete range of funding options in Calcasieu LA will like what Sun Mortgage Funding company can do for them.

Real estate investors interested in making the most return on investment require special mortgage lending assistance. Our financial advisory can help you to find the mortgage loan you need at the lowest interest rate available on the market. Come to the company with the largest network of financial institution partners in Louisiana. With over two decades of experience in the industry, our clients are satisfied with their funding more than with any other resource.

The introduction of new government mortgage lending offerings as part of the Obama new mortgage plans has further extended the opportunities for first-time buyers. We assist more first-time buyers than any other lending network. Customers looking to extend the life of their loan can refinance or consolidate loans to their best benefit. With so many options in mortgage finance, now is the right time for new home or return buyers.

New buyers are now finding more opportunities to own real estate with a loan program. A good mortgages lender can assist in a more significant purchase than would otherwise be afforded. We offer the largest array of low interest mortgage finance, with custom installment payment agreements. Negotiate your next real estate transaction like an experienced property investor. Our resources allow buyers to type of financial leverage they are looking for. Earn the most on resale with a new property loan. A mortgage can boost the value of your transaction so you get the most real estate for your money.

Reduce the stress of applying for a new mortgage. Our finance specialists have one of the best turnover rates in funding in the sector. Be confident in your property investment. We ensure that customers have access to the most extensive network of lending partners to meet their needs. With mortgage finance the potential for increasing value on a new real estate investment is high.

Our company is well known for its reputation in full-service mortgage lending. Mortgage lending applications no longer need to be confusing or subject to delays. Our customers are guided through the mortgage process by our company representatives to completion. With more customers funded by us than any other mortgage lending network in the state, we stand behind our partners in their efforts to make sure than your new property purchase is financed.

Obama New Mortgage Plan in Claiborne LA

Sun Mortgage Funding knows the ins and outs of the Obama new Mortgage Plans. We can adjust your mortgage loan to stop foreclosure and keep you in your home. The Federal Government wants to help by allowing home loans to be refinanced to lower your payments so that you can afford to keep your home.

Who Qualifies

As a Claiborne LA resident, you may qualify for this government loan program if you meet the qualification requirements. The home must be your primary residence, the place you live. You must have obtained the loan before January 1, 2009. The homeowner does not have to be behind to qualify, but a financial hardship does have to be apparent. You will need to provide proof of income and your payment must be greater than 31 percent of your total income.

The formula used to calculate qualification is simple. We calculate what you can afford to pay by multiplying your gross income by 31 percent. Then we subtract monthly costs for property taxes, insurance, and any homeowner dues. With this number, we then lower the interest rate and extend the life of the loan up to 40 years.

Benefits of Qualifying

A home mortgages lender is able to lower your interest rate, extend your loan terms up to 40 years, and reduce the principal of the total loan. These will add up to a large reduction in your mortgage payment.

This loan modification is a voluntary program, lenders and loan services are urged to participate, but they are not required to. Incentives are offered to lenders and servicers who choose to participate. For the homeowners, they are offering an incentive of $5000 dollars for those who stay current on their payments.

Your lender will work with you to insure all paperwork is complete and sent in a timely manner so as to get your home loan refinanced as soon as possible. There is also software available that can help calculate what your payment will be. This will save time and help you prepare for the change.Sun Mortgage Funding is here to help you keep your home.

We have help available to anyone in Calcasieu LA and the surrounding Parishes to keep you in the home you have worked so hard for. Your loan modification is just an application away. We will get all your paperwork and required information fine tuned and ready for acceptance. You can stop foreclosure and keep your home.

Obama New Mortgage Plan in Jackson LA

Buying a house is a huge investment, and many homeowners are in danger of losing it all. The recent housing market crash has devastated many a homeowner in the last few years. While shouldering the burden of high interest rates, many people are struggling to make their mortgage payments each month. Some of them have lost their jobs or had their hours cut at work, making their situation even more challenging. Selling is not an option for many of these homeowners because the balance of their loans exceeds the diminished value of their homes. Many people feel that their only option is to walk away from their mortgage and allow their lender to foreclose on their house.

Fortunately, there may be a better solution for these homeowners. To keep the housing market from sinking any lower and taking thousands of homeowners with it, President Obama has created a new mortgage loan program to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Under the new loan program, homeowners can refinance their homes to take advantage of the lower interest rates. This will in turn lower their monthly payments so that they can afford to keep their homes.

If you are a homeowner is the Calcasieu LA region who is struggling to pay your mortgage, Sun Mortgage Funding may be able to help. As a locally-operated, family-run mortgages lender, we specialize in helping people with their mortgages. We have always offered our clients competitive interest rates, but the Obama new mortgage plans now allow us to extend even lower interest rates to even more homeowners.

As a homeowner in Jackson LA, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out what your options are. You've put a lot of money into your home, and you don't want to lose it if the new mortgage loan program can help you keep it. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will review your financial situation and explain your options to you. As a well-established mortgages lender, we know every loan program in and out, and can tell you which option is best for your situation. Your home is a huge investment, and you want to make smart decisions when it comes to your mortgage. Refinancing your home could make all the difference for your future financial security.

Obama New Mortgage Plan in Allen LA

Sun Mortgage Funding is excited to present our Obama New Mortgage plans for Allen LA. This new mortgage loan is the path for you to owning your own new home and beginning a new stage of your life! Our company has been family owned for three generations, we are locally owned and licensed by the state of Louisiana.

We have successfully funded thousands of loans throughout the state, and with over 50 years of experience we know exactly how to fund your loan quickly with no hassles. We are a new and refinance mortgages lender that can do everything from get you into your home to helping you get money to make improvements and renovations of your current house.

Regardless of your history we are confident we can help you with your funding needs. Because of our expertise and reputation in the mortgage industry lenders want to work with us. These relationships mean we can offer the best interest rates to people who want to reside in Calcasieu La.

People seeking their first time loans for homes are often intimidated by what might seem like never ending torrents of paper. This is not a problem with our company because we know exactly how to minimize forms and documents. Right upfront we will tell you what paperwork you need to bring so you don't have to keep making trips home. We will be with your through every step of the funding process and we clearly explain to you what is going on and where you are in the loan process.

The special interest rates we have for the mortgage loan are competitive and we don't eat up your savings with unnecessary fees and costs. This loan program was designed especially for the new home buyer.

First step for you is to contact us and begin the process to pre-qualify and see how much you can afford to spend on your new home. While waiting for the pre-qualification decide what kind of home you want and where you want to live. Once you are qualified for funding determine what you need to have in your home and what you want to plan for later.

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