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FHA Loans in Chalmette, LA

FHA loans are back in Chalmette, LA! The traditional home loan for all of the US is back in favor again. We are proud to be offering this traditional American favorite. The low down payment fixed rate 30 year loan has returned to help our neighborhoods and homebuyers. 

We have over 50 years’ experience and have enjoyed helping people with this type of loan in the past and we are excited to be funding these loans again. Sun Mortgage Funding is originating FHA loans and wants to be the mortgage lender for Chalmette, LA

Federal Housing Administration loans require a low down payment and promise a guaranteed fixed rate for 30 years. This is the same mortgage loan that that allowed your parents to buy their first home. Now, it is available for you to buy your first home. 

Perhaps with the downturn in the real estate market, you experienced a setback and now you are back on your feet. A low down payment and fixed rate of interest makes home ownership a reality for many families that did not exist only months ago. The mission of the FHA loan program has always been to help middle class working people buy homes and enjoy the rewards of home ownership.

For a while, government insured loans fell out of favor because required verifications took too long and some did not like the inspections required to verify that homes are well constructed and do not have defects. That time has passed and Federal Housing Administration insured loans are valued again for their consistency and fairness. We want you to participate in this opportunity. 

Home ownership is within reach for many more people today thanks to this kind of loan. The stability of owning your own home and knowing that you and your family will return to its security each day is good for you and your neighborhood. Instead of getting permission from the landlord to keep a pet or plant flowers, you can do it without asking your landlord because you own your own home. A low down payment home loan is a reality for middle class and first time home buyers once again.

Sun Mortgage Funding wants to be the lender that helps you get into your own home. We want to be the home loan specialist for your community, and we are standing by. If you are not sure if we can help you, we want to try. Call or email us today for a quote and a pre-qualification. It costs nothing. 

For information about home ownership: http://www.sunmortgagefunding.comor call toll free: 800-370-2292

FHA Loans in Jennings, LA

It is the American dream to own a home. It is true; financing a home is not as easy of a process as it was a few years ago. When the market dropped, people found that lenders were begging for people to take out home loans. While lenders today a bit more selective, they still have ample funds for lending. Whether a new built or an old stately manor, there is no place like home, but the process can be a bit overwhelming. 

The percentage rate is around 4.75 percent on a fixed year mortgage right now. Those who have higher rates from years past should try to refinance or it may be the time to simply buy a new home. FHA loans are a great way to say goodbye to renting, which is a total waste of money, and hello to home ownership. Mortgage loans may be a bit complex for some to fully comprehend. Lenders like Sun Mortgage are ready to help their customers get into the home of their dreams by offering financing packages that work. 

Right now the homes in the Jennings, LA area are in what is called a flux state. Some parts of the city are seeing an increase in the home values, while other parts are noticing a decrease. This is normal in a great deal of cities throughout the country. Some people think that they should wait until the housing prices fall again before making an offer on that stunning home. This theory could allow someone to end up still renting and without a home to call their own. The prices could drop out of the housing market gain, but market analyses are not foreseeing an event. In fact, if anything is like the previous statistics, things are going to continue to increase making it a sellers’ market, rather than that of a buyer. 

There are great loan packages available. While originally thought that someone had to have a large down payment, high credit score and plenty of income to obtain a home, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, FHA loans make it possible for people who have average credit and sufficient income to qualify for a home. Some people wanted to avoid the adjustable rate mortgages as they are usually a recipe for disaster. 

Sun Mortgage funding is a company of specialists in the market. As a top notch mortgage lender, they are the ones that know the trends in Jennings, LA and how to get a person into a great mortgage loan with a low interest rate. Visit them online at today!

FHA Loans in Greenwell Springs, LA

FHA Loans have been around since 1934 and since that time, have offered many consumer benefits. As a current or potential Greenwell Springs, LA resident, these loans can put you in the housing you need quickly and easily. 

Current Louisiana homeowners might want to consider FHA Refinance Loans and potential new Louisiana homeowners should consider a traditional FHA loan. 

For new home buyers, one of the most well-known benefits that these loans offer is a low down payment. Most of the time approved buyers will only have to put down 3.5% of the total property's value to move in, whereas in most real estate purchases, you typically have to put down 20% or more of the total property's value. 

In addition, you can purchase properties comprised of up to four separate units with an FHA loan as well, so these are great for small business investors in the real estate industry looking to expand a local portfolio.

In addition to these well known benefits, there are several more. There are many costs automatically built into or covered by your FHA loan including renovations and energy improvement upgrades. So if you purchase an older, more run down property with the intention of fixing it up and reselling it, the loan will help you do that. In addition, all fees that come along with the closing costs are automatically included in and covered by your loan. 

Whether you are interested in a single family home, a one to four unit multifamily property, a mobile home or factory built housing, the FHA has no problem with extending a loan to you, provided your credit is pretty good. You don't have to have exceptional credit though.

In fact, it's best if you don't have really good credit if you are considering a loan like this. If you have good credit, you will save much more money if you just get a loan from a traditional lender because FHA Loan products have additional fees making them more expensive than standard loans.

Sun Mortgage Funding is a mortgage lender you can trust to answer all of your question. They offer many mortgage loan products and will help you figure out if an FHA loan is best for you, or if another option would save you money and serve you better in the long run. 

Sun Mortgage is a locally owned company with a positive rating with the National Better Business Bureau; and no matter what your situation is credit-wise and financially, they will try to find some sort of mortgage product to meet your needs. If they cannot find a mortgage product that you can qualify for, to get you into the property of your choosing, they will give you guidance on the changes that you can make over time to improve your borrower profile and secure the funding you need as soon as possible.

FHA Loans in Destrehan, LA

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you can make and when you decide to buy your own house, it's important that you find the right mortgage lender for you. You're going to want to find a mortgage lender that is flexible and works for you and your family. Sun Mortgage Funding is a company that puts your needs first when considering a mortgage. Buying a house in Louisiana couldn't be easier with Sun Mortgage Funding.

One of the great things about getting a mortgage loan with this company is that their loans are FHA insured. This means that the Federal Housing Association insures your mortgage. FHA loans make buying a house much more affordable and so the stress of finding a big down-payment can be eased. The FHA insures these mortgages against default, which is a good safety back up for people who may be unsure about how they're going to afford their mortgage repayments. It also makes it much easier for people to get a mortgage because of the guarantee. 

Sun Funding is an established mortgage company in the state of Louisiana. For people looking for buy a home in Destrehan, LA, a Sun Mortgage could be the right thing for you. They were established in 1996 and have been helping people in Louisiana to become home owners and to refurbish their homes since then. Destrehan, LA is a relatively small town in the state of Louisiana and can be a great place to move to for people of any kind, including families. If you're looking for an FHA approved mortgage in East Carroll, Sun Mortgages is the place to go. 

Sun Mortgages are an established company that employs people with over fifty years experience combined in lending money. Their top priority is offering the best possible mortgage service to its customers, and they will continue to work with you for the duration of your mortgage to make sure it works for you. 

The FHA mortgages are not just for people looking to buy a new home. If you want to refurbish or update your home, you can also apply for finance with Sun Funding. They offer the lowest rates available for lending and their comprehensive lending criteria will cover a loan for anyone and for any purpose. 

For anyone looking to buy a home in Destrehan, LA, Sun Funding has a mortgage or an FHA approved loan to suit everyone's needs. For more information, please visit

FHA Loans in Breaux Bridge, LA

Choosing an FHA loan

There are several big purchases that you will make in a lifetime, but the buying of a home is by far the most important. An important aspect of such a big purchase is being able to arrange for the funds needed. Housing finance is a huge field and one that provides several options for a potential home buyer. The most popular have remained the conventional loan from a banking institution and FHA loans. When you know the difference between the two, you will be able to make a more informed choice.

With a loan from a bank, which is a mortgage lender, the first step is to assess your eligibility. This will include bank statements, tax returns and credit history being scrutinized. All of this is to ascertain your ability to repay the loan. Once sanctioned, the loan will have a variety of interest rates applicable and you have a choice here as well. While a flat rate remains steady for the tenure of the loan, a floating rate helps you take advantage of the market’s changes. One of the main negative aspects of a conventional loan is that you must be eligible; they do not make getting a mortgage loan on merit an easy task.

The other kind are FHA loans Breaux Bridge, LA based among many other cities. This is a loan approved by the government. Besides that, it is a loan that allows for a much lower down payment on a home and makes the process of eligibility a far easier one in comparison to other loan forms. This helps keep more of your savings intact. The rates of interest are lower as well guaranteeing you a substantial amount in savings each year.

With an FHA loan, your previous bad credit history will not really be a problem. Your terms and conditions are flexible, and you have a choice of repayment options ranging from reverse mortgages to schemes that span 30-years. There are numerous places where you can obtain an FHA loan, and Sun Mortgage Funding is where you can start. The details required from you are several, and it would be best to make inquiries early on, and have everything needed handy.

All your contact details and recent past as well as present addresses will be needed. The same goes for your place(s) of employment in the past two years or so. You will also need handy copies of your W2s as well as income tax forms for the last two years.

Once you have the basic paperwork in place, you can start looking for an FHA loan provider that you would be comfortable with. Getting references and recommendations of providers will help narrow down your search. For anyone looking to buy a home in La Salle, LA, Sun Funding has a mortgage or an FHA approved loan to suit everyone's needs.

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