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Sun Mortgage Funding is the company to turn to for every kind of property funding you need regardless of your credit history. With over 50 years of collective experience the staff has the expertise to deal with any situation an applicant has. Based in Louisiana, Sun Mortgage Funding has developed a wide reputation for being a company that lenders want to work with. This means our ability to get a 1st or 2nd mortgage for you is better than most mortgage funding companies.

We offer the best mortgage rates regardless of your circumstances. We can find the right mortgage for you with the best terms and the best interest rates. Many people are reluctant to approach a mortgage funding company because of their credit record, bankruptcy or a foreclosure history. We will work with any situation and we will welcome everyone to our office. We realize that bad things can happen to good people and we see no reason why these people should be denied a mortgage.

Sun Mortgage Funding has many lending sources that believe as we do, and we have developed a relationship with these lenders who trust us and will work with the applications that we submit to them.

You can feel confident that the best mortgage and any property loan will be obtained through us with the least amount of trouble to you. We handle applications for all property loans such as home modernization, investment property, and debt consolidation among other loan programs.

We handle all of the document preparation including preparing the application. It is our goal to make the mortgage process as trouble free as possible. We have the experience and the contacts to get the best loan for you regardless of the purpose of the loan. We are the experts at working with difficult mortgage applications and we have the experience to see them through to the successful conclusion that you want to have.

Why not call our office today and arrange an appointment so that we may confidentially discuss your loan plans with you, and share our plans to satisfy your loan needs.

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