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FHA Loans in St John The Baptist, LA

Customers in St John the Baptist LA should consider getting a loan from Sun Mortgage Funding. This mortgage lender can help people get several different types of loans. These loans are especially helpful for homeowners or young families who want to purchase a home. Some of the loans provided by Sun Mortgage are insured by the federal government.

Home Purchasing
FHA loans can be used to purchase a home. These loans are guaranteed by the Government. They can be easier for people with shady credit histories to get. These loans can only be gotten through companies that are licensed to give them, such as Sun Mortgage.
Sun Mortgage can also help customers get a Rural Development Loan. These loans are also guaranteed by the federal government. They are geared especially toward the purchase of certain types of new and older homes in rural areas. This type of loan is meant to help increase populations in rural areas and is especially well suited toward families looking to purchase their first home.

Loans for Home Owners
One option for home owners is a first or second mortgage loan. Approval for this type of loan is based on the credit of the customer, as well as the value of the property in question. Sun Mortgage takes care of all the paper work for these loans to make the process easier for a customer.
Other loans are meant to help a customer improve his/her home. Houses are an investment. Improving and remolding a house can increase its value and make it easier to sell. A well cared for home is more likely to be purchased than one that is badly maintained.
Another option available for people with more than one loan is refinancing. This option allows people to consolidate multiple mortgages or loans into a single loan. This can lower monthly payments and interest rates.

Other Loans
Multi-family unit properties are an investment property. They have more than one but fewer than five dwellings. An owner of such properties can live in one dwelling and rent the remaining dwellings. A person considering purchasing this type of property needs to consider the potential draw backs. The owner will need to maintain for the home, as well as collect money from the renter.

Any person who is considering taking out a loan should consult a professional. See the company’s website at http://www.sunmortgagefunding.com to contact a loan professional.

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