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FHA Loans in Richland, LA

Getting a mortgage is easy with Sun Mortgage. Sun Mortgage offers many options for mortgages. Recently, Sun Mortgage has introduced FHA Loans. FHA mortgages make it possible for first time home buyers to move from an apartment into a home. FHA offers first time home buyers lower down payments and lower interest rates. It is worth investigating the possibility of getting a FHA mortgage for a new home if you are a first time buyer.

You may be a first time home buyer and looking for a starter house. You may already have a home and want to upgrade into a nicer home. In either case Sun Mortgage can provide a mortgage service that is customized for your needs.

Richland LA is a lovely place to live. The Parish has good schools and libraries. The cost of housing is reasonable. It is a fine place to raise a family. If you are starting out and a first time home buyer, you may qualify for an FHA mortgage. These mortgages are designed for first time home buyers. For a young family, it is a financial advantage to own your own home. You will no longer be paying rent. When you pay towards a mortgage, you are making an investment. 

Sun Mortgage offers conventional mortgages at competitive interest rates. Sun Mortgage should be your first stop in looking to sell your home and move into a nicer home. You may want to refinance your home and take out some of the equity. You can use the equity to upgrade your existing home. 

What is equity in a home? It is the value of the home in excess of the money owed on the mortgage. Equity is an asset. There are two way to gain equity in a home. First, the value of your home has increased. You bought the house at one price, and you can sell the house at another price. Most likely you can sell the house for more than you bought the house. That is the first type of equity. Second, you have been paying on the mortgage all the time that you have lived in the house. As you pay your monthly mortgage payments, the amount of money owed on the mortgage decreases. That is the second type of equity. These are the two ways in which you are increasing the equity in your home. 

Call 504-837-3939 for further information. There are staff waiting to receive your call, so call today. Sun Mortgage Funding is a mortgage lender who offers FHA Loans as well a conventional mortgage loan in Richland LA.

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