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It is the American dream to own a home. It is true; financing a home is not as easy of a process as it was a few years ago. When the market dropped, people found that lenders were begging for people to take out home loans. While lenders today a bit more selective, they still have ample funds for lending. Whether a new built or an old stately manor, there is no place like home, but the process can be a bit overwhelming. 

The percentage rate is around 4.75 percent on a fixed year mortgage right now. Those who have higher rates from years past should try to refinance or it may be the time to simply buy a new home. FHA loans are a great way to say goodbye to renting, which is a total waste of money, and hello to home ownership. Mortgage loans may be a bit complex for some to fully comprehend. Lenders like Sun Mortgage are ready to help their customers get into the home of their dreams by offering financing packages that work. 

Right now the homes in the Jennings, LA area are in what is called a flux state. Some parts of the city are seeing an increase in the home values, while other parts are noticing a decrease. This is normal in a great deal of cities throughout the country. Some people think that they should wait until the housing prices fall again before making an offer on that stunning home. This theory could allow someone to end up still renting and without a home to call their own. The prices could drop out of the housing market gain, but market analyses are not foreseeing an event. In fact, if anything is like the previous statistics, things are going to continue to increase making it a sellers’ market, rather than that of a buyer. 

There are great loan packages available. While originally thought that someone had to have a large down payment, high credit score and plenty of income to obtain a home, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, FHA loans make it possible for people who have average credit and sufficient income to qualify for a home. Some people wanted to avoid the adjustable rate mortgages as they are usually a recipe for disaster. 

Sun Mortgage funding is a company of specialists in the market. As a top notch mortgage lender, they are the ones that know the trends in Jennings, LA and how to get a person into a great mortgage loan with a low interest rate. Visit them online at www.sunmortgagefunding.com today!

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