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FHA Loans in Grant, LA

Sun Mortgage Funding has begun to offer FHA loans to residents of Grant LA and the surrounding areas. These loans can help you become a homeowner faster than you ever thought you would be able to and Sun Mortgage is excited to be a part of the process.

Sun Mortgage would love to work with you as your mortgage lender. Over three generations of family members work at Sun and we want to add you to the family. The Sun Mortgage family has been providing Louisiana residents with mortgage help and we are excited to provide even more assistance to those people looking to buy their first home. We’ve been operating in Grant, La and the surrounding areas since 1996 and we know how important it is to keep building this community up. That’s why we are so excited to offer Federal Housing Administration Loans.

FHA loans are special loans backed by the federal government that allow people to purchase homes with reasonable interest rates and a low down payment. These loans also provide lower closing costs than other loans and it is easier to be approved for a loan. You can also get a loan that will help you with home repairs or a remodel if you are looking at a fixer-upper.

mortgage loan can enable you to purchase the home of your dreams or remodel and fix-up the one that you currently own. Getting a reasonable loan rate can help you achieve the American dream. Federal Housing Administration loans have been around for almost a century. They are specially designed to get more and more Americans into homes they can affordable and cherish. Many people who would be buried under a strict mortgage term have the chance at home ownership through this program. 

The rates and terms are still competitive and Sun Mortgage is happy to offer these types of mortgages to Louisiana residents. Don’t tell yourself that the dream of home ownership is out of your reach or you will never be approved to get the home of your dreams. Let us at Sun help you achieve your goals. We can sit down and advice you about the best type of mortgage for you and we work with everybody. Our community is as important to us as it is to you. Let’s work together to achieve the goal of home ownership in Louisiana and together we can build this community into a more beautiful place today.

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