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FHA Loans in Franklin, LA

Shopping for a home loan in Franklin LA? We can help! Most people are confused by interest rates, mortgage loans and all the different programs out there. We are here to show you how the entire process of buying a home works. From start to finish, our customers have someone by their side. When dealing with Sun Mortgage Funding, our customers will deal with friendly and courteous staff that will assist every step of the way. We understand that most people don’t have a great deal of knowledge about home loans, which is why we’re here to help. 

One of the easiest mortgage loans to get approved for is the FHA loans. They are a government based loan that works for those who don’t make a great deal of money but still want to purchase a home. As amortgage lender we will explain the FHA loan process and what is required of you. While this is a great program, it may not be the best one for every buyer. The program does have certain requirements in income and also credit scores. Those who have scores on the lower end of the FICO scale, around the 630’s can still qualify. The better a credit score is the less the interest rate, but those with credit that has taken a few hits need not be scared to apply. 

Most mortgage loans want a big down payment and will give an adjustable rate or a balloon. The FHA loans are nothing like that. They are a fixed loan for usually a 30 year term that is considered to be the most highly sought after loan on the market. They work well for first time home-buyers and those that may have had a bankruptcy on their record from a not so distant credit problem. While some other programs, like the adjustable arm, may get a person in a home for a lower monthly payment, the rising interest rate can be a nightmare that some don’t have the finances to handle. The FHA loan is steady and fixed and just the perfect loan for the first time home-buyer. 

While there is no perfect mortgage loan, FHA makes it possible for those who might have otherwise been turned down for a home loan to achieve their dream. See how Sun Mortgage can help by visiting them online at www.sunmortgagefunding.com. Many people in the Franklin LA area have used us to purchase their homes, and we can help anyone who has a decent credit score and good employment or income history.

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