FHA Loans in De Soto, LA

Over the last five years foreclosures have been at a historical high. Many have been finding in the current financial environment they could not reasonably afford to stay in their homes. Record foreclosure has made home ownership a daunting enterprise for both lender and buyer. In self preservation many lenders have become less willing to lend without a sizable down payment and outstanding financial history. The current market has made it difficult for those without exceptional means to obtain a home loan. However Sun Mortgage Funding is willing to help through it's FHA Loans in De Soto LA. FHA loans are a great alternative to traditional lending as the requirements cater to lower incomes who may not have a great credit score. 

We have been operating as a mortgage lender in Louisiana for the last 16 years. In that time Sun Life has always been one hundred percent committed to helping our clients obtain a mortgage loan that gives them stability and with it peace of mind. The same commitment isn't always true with our competitors as evidenced by the housing crisis of 2008. Bearing in mind the struggles many home owners have faced recently navigating the home ownership process can be challenging no matter how much experience one might have. It's not made easier when many lenders are unwilling to help it's clients find a loan that is in the clients best interest. Sun Life Mortgage is a home lender that believes in helping it's communities with fair competitive home loans instead of damaging it's communities with unfair loans that unnecessarily burden it's clients. Sun Mortgage believes by striving every day to help it's clients through the home ownership process we are not only making dreams a reality but making our communities better places to live. Sun Mortgage believes in it's clients and it's communities. 

If you believe that home ownership is the next step for you and your family contact us now. We are ready to help you and your family take that next step. Their is no better time to take advantage of historically low interest rates. The current real estate market is more buyer friendly then it has been in years. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in providing fair and reasonable loans. We take pride in making home ownership accessible and fair to all. Although the home market has been unfair to buyers in the past Sun Life has consistently been fair with it's clients and we are ready to help you take advantage of a buyers market.

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