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FHA Loans in Concordia, LA

It is the American dream to be a home owner. Now it is easier than ever to own your own home. Interest rates are low. This is the time to buy a new home. Sun Mortgage is promoting many of their products, such as FHA Loans and conventional loan packages. 

What are FHA mortgages? FHA stands for the Federal Housing Administration, and it is the Federal Housing Administration who insures the loans. FHA is a government guaranteed loan. If a borrower cannot repay the loan, then the government will guarantee the payment on the loan. 

There are many advantages for first time home buyers to borrow using a FHA Mortgage. Most significantly, FHA Mortgages require a low down payment. Also FHA is offering very low interest rates. The interest rate is the amount of interest that you pay on the loan. Low interest rates mean low monthly payments. This makes it possible for young families to buy homes. Young families may not have been able to save for a larger down payment, and are not making a large monthly salary. Conventional down payments can be as high as 20%. People, who do not have good credit, may find it difficult to get a conventional loan. FHA Mortgages are available to some people with poor credit.

Concordia LA has a good housing market. Sun Mortgage does business in the town. The Parish is a farming community. It is located on the Mississippi. Having been flooded many times, it now has a levees system to protect the land from flooding. The flood has provided river bottom soil, which is very fertile. This is what makes the land so good for agriculture. It is a nice community in which to live and to raise a family.

Sun Mortgage is promoting their FHA mortgages, as well as their conventional mortgages. Sun Mortgage has a variety of loan programs that can be customized to your needs. A good first step is to contact Sun Mortgage, make an appointment, and meet with a lender working at Sun Mortgage. The lender will answer all your questions, and there will be many questions. The lender is willing and eager to educate you on all your options. It may take several visits, before you select the best loan product for your needs. 

Sun Mortgage takes pride in their services to their customers. It is their goal to provide the best possible mortgage product to each and every customer.

Sun Mortgage Funding is a mortgage lender who provides FHA Loans, as well as a conventional mortgage loan in Concordia LA.

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