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FHA Loans in Acadia, LA

As Americans face extremely challenging economic conditions, a massive number of individuals are wondering if they will ever be able to achieve the American dream of home ownership. Lay offs, company cutbacks, and increased living expenses have forced an ever increasing amount of individuals into financial chaos. Although rebuilding is possible, it can sometimes take years before damaged credit scores reach the required numbers of most mortgage lenders, making obtaining a mortgage loan in places like Acadia LA very challenging. 

Sun Mortgage Funding understands that people experience difficult situations throughout their lifetimes, and although these experiences can often cause significant damage to credit scores, Sun Mortgage believes that this should in no way impede a person's ability to purchase a home. Sun Mortgage Funding offers a variety of loan options which are designed to meet the changing needs of all individuals regardless of their credit rating. 

Sun Mortgage is a mortgage lender who cares about their customers. Based in Louisiana, Sun Mortgage has been in business for more that 50 years, and has established an excellent reputation with a variety of lenders. For this reason, Sun Mortgage has the ability to provide customers with the widest range of loan options. Sun Mortgage can offer potential home buyers every type of loan available, from FHA loans to rural development loans, and about everything in between. 

There are a number of benefits for customers who choose to obtain FHA financing through Sun Mortgage. FHA lending is often an excellent choice for home buyers with less than perfect credit scores, since the FHA is not typically as stringent with their requirements. The actual home condition and other factors, however, can sometimes cause situations which do not allow for FHA financing. In the event that customers choose to purchase a home that does not meet the requirements of FHA, Sun Mortgage offers a variety of other types of loan options. 

Home buyers who are intending to purchase a home that requires excessive repairs, has been classified as a "fixer upper", or is located in a rural area may wish to investigate the option of obtaining a rural development loan. While this type of loan frequently offers 100% funding, it is designed specifically to meet the needs of home buyers who plan to purchase homes in rural areas, and is often less strict about the pending repairs or current condition of these homes.

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