1st & 2nd Mortgages

1st & 2nd Mortgages

Sun Mortgage Funding has several loan programs for 1st and 2nd mortgages in Louisiaba, and we offer loan programs for those who have credit problems. We have loan programs for A+ credit, bankruptcies and foreclosures. 

A 1st mortgage covers the purchase of a home and is intended to be the mortgage that covers the purchase price less any down payment. We have a variety of 1st mortgage plans that will cover any situation. We offer the lowest mortgage rates available in the market and we have a loan program for every homeowner and those who want to be homeowners.

We can provide 2nd mortgages on homes that have enough equity to cover the amount of the required mortgage regardless of the borrower’s situation.

We work with refinancing loans, construction financing, debt consolidation, home improvement loans, and loans for investment property. Our 50 years of combined mortgage experience enables us to get you the best mortgage and the best rates available. Sun Mortgage Funding is a locally owned and a state licensed mortgage company. We will handle your mortgage needs accurately and efficiently. You can be assured that our experience brings you the best mortgage or loan funding that is available. Our rates are the lowest for every situation and for every individual.

Many people find the mortgage application process to be very intimidating, but our staff will make you feel welcome and very much at ease. We do much of the application work for you and a lot of the paperwork is handled right here in our office. Every person can run into financial trouble sometime during their life and we want you to know that we understand this and we will gladly help you.

Over the years Sun Mortgage Funding has developed contacts with lenders that have been committed to working with us and our clients. They know us and they respect our work and the clients that we serve. This enables us to get mortgages that other companies c could not obtain. We have a national reputation and national sources for funding so that on any day we have a number of sources to turn to.

The mortgage rates that we have access to are exceptionally good. Our lenders are eagerly seeking applicants to loan money to, so now is the time to give us a call. Let us set down with you and review your circumstances and your needs. We know we can help you.

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