We Offer Mortgage Refinance

We offer Mortgage Refinance in Tangipahoa, LA

Refinancing a home loan is a financial transaction that many Tangipahoa LA homeowners decide to make when the current interest rate offered is lower than the interest rate they are paying. It makes financial sense to complete a mortgage refinance when the current mortgage rates are a point or two under the rate that the homeowner is currently paying. Refinancing a Louisiana mortgage with Sun Mortgage Funding also offers other benefits to a person considering a refinance option.

A homeowner can build equity faster by changing the rate that they have on their current mortgage. Switching from a 30 year fixed mortgage to a 15 year fixed mortgage would increase the monthly mortgage payment, but it would also pay off the mortgage in half the time. Some borrowers have the financial stability to choose this option and start saving on their home loan cost.

Mortgage lenders also offer the availability of restructuring current debt into a home mortgage. If a borrower is paying high interest rates on credit cards, and they have a good credit score, they may be able to take advantage of current low rates. Switching debt from a credit card that has an 8 percent interest rate to a home mortgage four points lower would save that person a bundle of interest charges every month.

Some consumers just want the flexibility of having a lower monthly payment each month. They can use the extra cash saved on the home mortgage to pay off bills or put new carpet in the living room and bedrooms. Freeing up cash by locking in at a lower interest rate is one of the best reasons to consider amortgage refinance. Once a homeowner locks in a lower interest rate, they can simply continue paying the same amount on their mortgage every month or use the difference between their old payment and new payment for something else. This flexibility is excellent for families on a budget.

Refinancing a Tangipahoa LA home also offers the ability to change the loan program type. If a homeowner knows that they will be leaving the area in a few years, they can switch to an adjustable rate mortgage and pay a lower amount every month. This would give them the ability to save up for the future move and build a little nest egg.

Sun Mortgage Funding has professional and knowledgeable team members that take pride in answering any questions that a homeowner may have. With current home mortgage rates at historic lows, it makes sense to contact a member of their team today. Call us today to schedule a free consultation! 1-800-370-2292 

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