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We offer Mortgage Refinance in Saint Landry, LA

With mortgage rates hitting historical lows, it's never been a better time to consider completing amortgage refinance in the Saint Landry LA area. Changing a current interest rate to one that is lower offers a homeowner many advantages.

Homeowners and families usually have a budget that they must follow every month in order to pay the mortgage and other bills. In today's economy, every extra dollar that a person is able to save is important. Lowering a mortgage rate offers a homeowner the advantage of paying a lower payment on their house each month. The money that is saved can go towards building up a nest egg of cash or paying off other bills.

Lowering the interest rate by completing a mortgage refinance also gives the homeowner the ability to pay off their home mortgage quicker. With a lower interest rate, the money going towards the interest portion of the mortgage will also be lowered. A homeowner could choose to keep their payments the same each month and pay off the mortgage quicker. A 30 year mortgage can be paid off in 25 years by choosing this method.

Mortgage lenders also offer different types of loan programs. By refinancing, a homeowner can choose to switch from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate if they want more stability with their house payments. Interest rates are constantly fluctuating and changing. If a homeowner knows that they will be staying in their home for a number of years, a Louisiana mortgage that offers 15 or 30 years to maturity is often the best choice to make.

Debt consolidation is also another advantage of refinancing with a professional lender such as Sun Mortgage Funding. If there is current equity built up in a home, that home can be refinanced and a portion of the home's equity can be used to pay off other bills or finance improvements to the home. Often, a home mortgage interest rate will be considerably lower than the rates on most credit cards. Switching to lower interest payments will allow a person to pay off those debts even quicker.

Obviously, there are many advantages to refinancing a home at a lower interest rate. Choosing a knowledgeable, professional team of mortgage lenders is the next step in the loan process.Sun Mortgage Funding is happy to provide quality lending service and expertise to homeowners with residences in the Saint Landry LA vicinity. Call today to schedule a free consultation! 1-800-370-2292

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