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An ideal market would focus on the consumer and his or her needs. Instead, most corporations barrage commercials, billboards, and magazines to convince the buyer they need something. It is nice to see the business trends of Sun Mortgage Funding stray from this popular habit. The family owned and operated office set up shop in Southeast Louisiana. The professional team of mortgage brokers need only wait until they are needed by homeowners. They do not pander to encourage home improvementsbecause they know everyone in the region with sense will consider a renovation loan when the homestead gets worn down enough. 

The outstanding option of all local home improvement loan companies has a state license, clarifying their legitimacy. They also have approval from the Better Business Bureau, and perhaps most impressive- outstanding reviews from real people. Sun Mortgage Funding has gotten more than just a foot in the door when it comes to loans for home improvements. Their compilation of contacts through the years nearly guarantee customers will find the lowest mortgage rates available. Big corporations are usually dismissive of their customers, but this loan service breaks that stereotype as well, making amortgage refinance run smoothly by talking the homeowner through the steps while doing almost all of the necessary paperwork. This sort of customer care is likely unmatched by any rival home improvement loan companies. See the proof and call us now for a free consultation! 1-800-370-2292

The patience of these mortgage brokers paid off when the firm played a role in helping parts of Louisiana recover from hurricane Rita. The parish of Jefferson Davis LA was hit particularly hard by this storm, and the devastated residents had little to no money to afford repairs. The small gap between Texas and New Orleans was bashed and battered by winds and debris. From roof replacement basement restoration, the home renovation loans were helping infinitely. Mortgage refinance was common among the hurricane victims of Jefferson Davis LA, but they were given some of the lowest possible mortgage rates with the help of Sun Mortgage Funding. While the end result could not quite be classified as home improvements, the mortgage brokers did an impressive job of helping the community get back on its feet- without advertising.

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