We Offer Home Renovation Loans

We offer Home Renovation Loans in Franklin, LA

Born on the Bayou, Born on the Bayou! With those words John Fogerty led Credence Clearwater Revival into Franklin LA, the heart of the bayou and cajun country. with its lush vegetation, plentiful marine life and endless swamp forests, the bayou is legendary. as a former estuary of the mighty mississippi, the residents of acadia grew up indigenously and created a language entirely their own called cajun.Franklin LA; is its heart and Sun Mortgage Funding wants to keep it that way. 

Sun Mortgage Funding focuses on mortgage refinance programs and home improvements. The reason is simple: if homeowners focus on making their home and property look its best, its value increases and further investments in their future may be made. That future will include a college education for their children as well as the health of the bayou, so Sun Mortgage is highly invested in the community of Franklin as it is in every community in which it has a branch.

However, to make those investments, it must keep mortgage rates low to compete the town of Franklin's business. Other mortgage brokers and home improvement loan companies are available to the good folk of Franklin, so competition for their business is high. However Sun Mortgage Funding has a plan for Franklin, and that plan is to serve the community regardless if it earns its business or not. That is how Sun Mortgage operates. The people of the town are its focus whether that is to support a local community youth league or volunteer at a local shelter. Supporting community ventures builds relationships and relationships build business. 

Therefore, by keeping mortgage rates low, Sun Mortgage can help local businesses expand throughmortgage refinance programs and home improvements. In this way, they can prove to the good people of Franklin LA that Sun Mortgage is one of the best mortgage brokers available to them, and that they are leading the pack of home improvement loan companies. As each business expands using these new low interest rate loans, they add jobs and jobs enable the workforce to buy homes. As the new mortgage payments come in, they improve as mortgage brokers and the town of Franklin expands.Mortgage rates remain low as new home improvements are made, and businesses take advantage of the mortgage refinance programs to expand a second time. Sun retains its title as the best of thehome improvement loan companies as the children of Franklin grow up to take the new jobs and Franklin becomes a big city. All because one bank said yes to its development needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation! 1-800-370-2292.

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