We Offer Home Renovation Loans

We offer Home Renovation Loans in Ascension, LA

Residents of Ascension LA who are looking for home renovation loans from a reputable company will find that Sun Mortgage Funding is one of the best home improvement loan companies in the nation. 

There are several home improvement loan companies throughout the United States that offer services which include mortgage refinance options, however, prospective Louisiana-based customers will surely enjoy knowing that Sun Mortgage Funding is a locally owned and operated business that has received an A+ rating via the Business Bureau based on customer satisfaction.

Home renovation is not only aesthetically appealing to home owners and realtors alike, it also increases property value. Another benefit of obtaining a home loan is that consistent payments help give some borrowers a second chance to rebuild poor credit. Borrowers who have credit issues often have better luck getting these loans because they can use their homes as equity. 

Louisiana residents who have tried and failed to secure loans in the past through independentmortgage brokers or banks due to bankruptcies or other credit issues may feel that they will receive the same bad news from other mortgage brokers or that the mortgage rates will be too high elsewhere, if they qualify for funding at all. 

Thankfully, there is a home loan company in Metairie, LA that works hard to help people with less than perfect credit receive the money they need for home improvements

Established in 1996, Sun Mortgage Funding has been helping Ascension LA residents secure the funds they need for home improvements through a variety of services such as mortgage refinance plans, which include very attractive mortgage rates. The company's longevity and good standing within the community can be directly attributed to the fact that its knowledgeable staff has 50 years of combined experience. 

For more information, interested parties can schedule a free consultation by calling 1-800-370-2292 during business hours or by visiting the company’s website: sunmortgagefunding.com. Free quotes are available online and it is also possible to submit applications online.

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