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Property Purchasing in Rapides LA

Sun Mortgage Funding is expanding into your neighborhood, Rapides LA. You now have a partner in finding and obtaining a new mortgage, refinancing an existing mortgage or using your home equity to get funding for any other reason. We have through the expertise of our directors over 50 years of mortgage experience that is at your beckon call. We can help you find the lowest possible rate for your particular situation. If you have had credit problems in the past, let our knowledgeable people help you overcome the problems that many people think are unsolvable. We will work to find the best Mortgage Lender for your circumstances. We are accredited and ranked A+ by the BBB.

Who We Serve

Our customers include people looking for their very first mortgage as well as those who have owned several homes over their life time. We help those who want to do renovations and updates on their current homes as well as people who are looking to invest in rental properties. If you are looking for Mortgage Refinance options, we are the experts. We work with Rural Development Loans, in an effort to help local communities with land improvements. 

Other mortgage seekers are looking for home improvement loans. They want to enjoy their homes more now rather than waiting for years to upgrade. Still others that we help on a regular basis are those home owners who have high interest loans on credit cards and other debt instruments. They are able to add the balances from the higher interest debt to their lower interest mortgages, lowering their overall monthly payments

Benefits of Using Our Services

There are many reasons to use our services. Some are that we will save you time, others are that we will save you money and still others will save you from the headaches. Some of the benefits are:

  • We can save you the time of looking for the best Mortgage Loan. Due to special circumstances you may have, we will direct you to the right Mortgage Lender right off the bat.
  • Many people do not comprehend the amount of paper work that is involved in acquiring a mortgage. We can help you complete the appropriate documents the first time around so that you will get the results you want faster.
  • There may be competitive bidders on many properties. Having a knowledgeable partner in the process can bring you up to speed with these bidders and give you a better chance of success.

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