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Property Purchasing in Natchitoches LA

Natchitoches La looks like it came out of a Mark Twain novel. The downtown areas have long second story balconies overlooking streets that head straight for the Mississippi River. The beautiful foliage on both sides of the river, the architecture of the bridges, and even the slower pace of life all add to the ambiance. If you love this area, and want to buy a house here, Sun Mortgage Funding can help. If you already live here, and need a mortgage loan, we are a great resource for funding. Since 1996 we have been focusing on helping people in this state get their dream home or maintain the one they got.

We offer funding for first time home-buyers, those needing a first or second mortgage refinance, or even those that have a desire to buy a second home. We have FHA loans that help make it possible for people with normal jobs and credit ratings to buy a house, and we have a large network of banks and national lenders that give us the opportunity to help almost anyone. Many people that have been diligently paying their rent and other bills on time, and have a good employment record, have already put themselves in a position to buy their first home. 

Even if you have a less than stellar credit rating, you should still see what we could do for you. We have a reputation for getting loans approved, even when other mortgage companies have turned you down. People that have had to suffer a divorce, medical problems, or even bankruptcy have been approved here. So, whether you have the best A+ credit rating available, or have taken a few lumps over the years, don’t count yourself out. Fill out our Pre-qualifying questionnaire, and soon a loan specialist will give you a call. Then we can work together to find a solution and get you funding.

There is no better time than right now. As the economy heats up, Interest rates will go up as well. If you want to take advantage of the lower rates that the industry is currently enjoying, you should act quickly. Some people may find that they can lower both their over all price as well as their monthly payment just by getting a timely mortgage refinance. The lowest rates available right now are the adjustable rate loans, and you can get that funding right here with us. These rates will come only once in a lifetime, so make a decision to act now.

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