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Interest rates today have never been more attractive. In fact, because they are very close to an all-time low, more and more people are feeling the desire to become first time home buyers. If you are one of the many Jefferson Davis LA residents who are ready to buy a home, there is good reason. Interest rates this low offers the opportunity to save several thousand dollars throughout the life of a Mortgage Loan.

Nevertheless, since buying a home, or getting a Mortgage Refinance, is still a huge investment, you should take time not to overlook any of the critical issues involved with making this big decision. Below are some tips that should help make this process easier.

1. Never sign a contract unless you fully understand the terms of the mortgage. Your lending professional should be expected to explain everything to you, but if you still don’t understand something be sure to ask for clarification. Remember, unless you speak up, you cannot expect anyone to know what you are thinking.

2. Retain copies of every document you sign. If it makes it easier to keep up with them, scan them and save in a special file on your computer. 

3. Before entering into a Mortgage Refinance contract, have your CPA or Financial Planner take a look at it. These professionals can point out issues that will affect your long-term financial plan. 

4. Never make a financial commitment to a Mortgage Lender if you feel pressure to do so. It doesn't matter who is putting the pressure on, but it is unlikely that a reputable mortgage professional would do something like that. Walk away from the situation and look for another lender such as Sun Mortgage Funding who has your best interests in mind.

5. Have your mortgage professional go over your Good Faith Estimate with you to help you understand what your dollars are paying for. Make sure you look for any potential problems that may exist. Things to look for are balloon payments, rate changes and prepayment penalties. These should be red flags telling you to tread lightly.

6. Select a lender in your local area to ensure that you are able to visit with them about your Mortgage Loan any time you wish. Even more important than that, local lenders know that if they are going to build a good reputation in the area they must provide excellent service. 

7. Never sign blank contracts or other documents. If there are missing numbers or blank lines, these can be filled in later by an unscrupulous lender. Your signed copies should serve as proof that your loan terms are locked in.

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