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Property Purchasing in Caddo LA

Caddo LA, bordered by Texas on one side and The Mississippi River on the other, is a beautiful parish. With a picturesque countryside, it brings to mind the storybook southern lifestyle. If you've considered purchasing property in this area, we here at Sun Mortgage Funding have the means to help you. We are a certified mortgage lender with a 17 year history of helping Louisianans get funding when they need it. The combined experience of our loan originators is over 50 years. Most of which is from right here in Louisiana. 

We realize that not everyone has A+ credit. You may have experienced a lay-off, divorce or even bankruptcy. That doesn't mean you should count yourself automatically ineligible for a loan. Many people have established their credit worthiness with a good job record and by keeping up their payments. We take pride in getting funding when other lenders have said no, and for having as many options as possible under one roof. 

We invite you to fill out our online pre-qualification questionnaire. After that, one of our loan specialists will give a call. Their job is to get to know you and learn what you would like to do. They’ll figure out the right loan product for you. We then submit the application accurately and promptly. Each application is treated with the same first class service. 

One of the ways we help with first time home purchases is through our FHA or VA mortgage loan. These are great avenues of funding for people with average incomes and a good employment record. We can also get you a first or second mortgage refinance for a balloon payment or for debt consolidation. Interest rates are lower now than they will ever be in our lifetime. If you wanted a loan just to lower your monthly payment, or even your overall loan cost, you’ll need to act soon. Even small equity loans for remodels or other purchases are possible.

We have built business relationships with some of the biggest lending companies in the nation, and we will search all of our lenders to get funding for you. If you have considered an investment property either for rent or development, there is funding available for land improvement. With the housing market heating up, now is the time. Don’t let a good buy on your dream home go by without finding out if we can help make it possible.

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