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Property Purchasing in Bridge City LA

It may be the fact that it’s across the river from the rest of New Orleans, or it could be that from the bridge all you see is trees. Whatever the reason, Bridge City LA has developed as an oasis of rural living surrounded by the big city. The people that live here have the best of both worlds. Sun Mortgage Funding is a resource for those people who want to buy a home, or get a mortgage loan in this city within a city. We have a reputation for helping in situations where other lenders have said no.

We invite you to fill out our online questionnaire. Then, we’ll have a loan specialist give you a call. The first job is to listen to your plans and get to know you. The customer service and personal attention we give all of our clients is what sets us apart from other funding companies. If you want to visit in person, then just cross the bridge and head north until you get to W. Esplanade Ave. Take a right, and go until you reach N. Causeway Blvd. We’re in the big building on the corner; ninth floor. 

Right now, rates are lower than they are ever likely to be again. With the economy in full recovery, and with more people buying up homes, the cost of a mortgage loan is going up. If you have ever considered a first or second mortgage refinance for the purpose of lowering your overall cost or monthly payments, your window of opportunity is rapidly closing. The same holds true for investment properties. The cost of a loan is a very real expense when figured into the overall cost of your venture. If you act soon, you will not only get the lowest financing costs available. You might just have something ready for sale when the market starts to get hot.

Even if all you want to do is consolidate your bills, or meet a balloon payment, give us a call. If you are a first time home buyer and would like to look into FHA loans, we can help. In fact, we have a large network of banks and lending institutions that we deal with almost on a daily basis. This gives us several venues in which to help you with your plans. Whether you have the best credit rating available, or have taken a financial beating in the past, we’d still like to here your story and see what we can do for you.

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