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Existing homeowners or people looking to buy their first home often need to contact a mortgage lender for help. Sun Mortgage Funding is a lender that offers a variety of programs for new borrowers and for anyone with a current mortgage. We have a loan that can fit any situation with rates that are the lowest in Acadia LA. Review the services that are provided to all of our customers.


This a mortgage loan company with a Better Business Bureau accreditation and licensed in the state of Louisiana. They have loan officers who are trained in all aspects of the loan process to help borrowers attain the dream of home ownership. There are many programs that are designed for the purchaser of a new home or existing homeowners who are looking to lower their monthly costs. Loans are also given to people to make improvements to their home or want to purchase a new home.


Purchasing a home for the first time can be a daunting task. There is much to learn about the process as first time home buyers are often inexperienced. Experienced loan officers will work with a borrower to discuss their options and how the process will work. This includes pre-qualifying for a mortgage and if there are any specific loan programs that are available. A borrower need to pre-qualify first to see what they can afford before beginning their search for a new home.


Individuals who are currently renting are literally throwing away money. Paying off a mortgage can be cheaper than renting and the result is ownership of the home at the end of the mortgage term. Buying a new home requires a mortgage loan that has the best rates. The best loan is provided to borrowers who have a stellar credit history or a poor credit history. One reason people choose not to buy a home is due to a poor credit history. Loan officers will work with each borrower to find the best option for any type of circumstance.


This is a popular option for homeowners when interest rates are at low levels. Refinancing can result in the reduction of the interest rate and a lower monthly payment. The mortgage refinance process will be similar to a new home purchase. This process essentially replaces a current mortgage with one that will have different terms and conditions. Homeowners who choose to refinance typically save thousands of dollars on interest payments alone.

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