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FHA Loans in Winnsboro, LA

Winnsboro, LA is a great place to live the American dream. This rural setting has a wide open atmosphere, and its easy to see why the people here like it. Sun Mortgage Funding can help those people that want to move here, or those that need to get a mortgage loan to stay. We are a state licensed mortgage lender that recognizes the needs of regular people. We have built a reputation in Louisiana as the place to go when people need a loan. Since 1996, we have built strong relationships with lending institutions, and we have put our good name to work for the people of this state.

Those people who need a first or second mortgage loan, to make a balloon payment, or even to do home improvements, are always welcome at Sun Mortgage. Even if other mortgage lenders have said no, we'll still hear you out and give it our best effort to find a loan package that will meet your needs. We are often successful. We are not the kind of company that just works with people that have A+ credit scores. Even those homeowners that have dealt with divorce, or even bankruptcy, have a reasonable chance at getting the funding they need at Sun Mortgage. Whether you apply in person, over the phone, or fill out our online application, we will treat you with the same respect we give all our valued clients.

One of our many tools for helping people is our FHA Loans. This is a way for people who are just starting out as a first time buyer. Even those with average credit ratings and modest incomes. This is just one of the many tools we have available to Louisiana residents. Whether through FHA Loans, or through one of our other banking lenders, we want to help you achieve your dream of buying a home or refinancing the one you have.

If you are planning to remodel, or buy a second home for an investment, we help make your plans a reality. Secured business loans are also a big part of what we do. As the economy improves, the interest rates seen now will go up. If you are in a position to consider buying, or if you really need to get your interest rate lowered, or even if you are just trying to consolidate your bills and get a break, you owe it to your self to call Sun Mortgage.

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