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Those looking for a mortgage loan in Saint Helena LA need to look no further than Sun Mortgage funding company. Sun mortgage will listen to what you say. We realize how important it is to be careful and craft a loan package that will take all your needs into consideration. If those concerns involve rewriting your loan to get a better rate and monthly payment, or if you need to consolidate your bills, Sun Mortgage is a mortgage lender with several contacts in the banking industry. We have many different loan products that we can explore to find the product that works for your family and situation. 

The economy has certainly depressed the lending industry, and many people that previously had no trouble getting loans are now being turned away. Sun Mortgage lending company has fought against the tide, for our clients. One way is to make sure that we have the most loan products available that we possibly can. Another way is to foster the best working relationship possible with major lending institutions and other resources. We’ve built a reputation over the last fifteen years as premiummortgage lender here in Saint Helena. This is a reputation that we put to work for you.

First time homebuyers, or those considering a construction loan don’t need to fear being turned away. No matter what your credit rating is currently, there is still a loan product out there for you. Even those that have had to face painful divorce or even bankruptcy are still welcome at Sun Mortgage. Most of the major steps that people take in this world require financing. If you are not sure how you are going to get that financing, this is a good place to start. One of the products that help those just starting out is our FHA loan.

First time homebuyers are often started out with a little push from their FHA loans. These are a great product for people that have regular jobs with regular credit ratings and are trying to get into a house for the first time. Our loan agents will be able to find out if this is a good option for you, or if you might be better served with one of our other bank products. 

Whatever your best option may be, you won’t know until you sit down with an agent and find out,. As the economy improves, some of the great rates that the industry is enjoying now will go away. Best to look into it right away, so you can take advantage of the rates as they are right now. Call Sun Mortgage funding company

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