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FHA Loans in Saint Bernard, LA

There are times when people living in the bayou country of Louisiana could believe they are in the most beautiful place on earth. We here at Sun Mortgage Funding get that feeling all the time. That is why we feel pretty good about the services we provide our neighbors. Since 1996, we have been helping people in the greater New Orleans area buy their first home, refinance or consolidate their bills. In doing so, we have helped many that were in danger of losing their homes, or get their dream home, or get a second chance when another mortgage lender might turn them away. 

Over the years, we have developed business relationships with several of the biggest lending institutions in the country. Through these relationships we feel we can get loans for people that span the spectrum of credit ratings. From those with A+ ratings to those that have had divorces or even bankruptcy. If you own your own home, and have had trouble getting a loan, or if you want to buy, you can save time, and stress, if you come to Sun Mortgage first. 

One of the options that we have for first time home buyers is our FHA loans. This provides one of the best options to get a low interest loan for regular working people with normal ambitions of buying a home. This is often a starting place for young families with fair credit and modest incomes. This, combined with the other lending institutions we work with, provides us with different avenues that we can use to help our customers.

Whether you are looking to get a home improvement loan, a first or second mortgage loan, or even property investment capital, Sun Mortgage can make your plans come to life. The current economic times have run their course, and the lending market is starting to heat up. The unprecedented low interest rates seen today will soon vanish. You owe it to yourself to see if you can take advantage of these interest rates while you before they go up. 

Traveling down Bayou Road in Saint Bernard LA offers one of the most beautiful landscapes that this area has to offer. Yet it is only one example of the beauty around here. It’s easy to see why you, like us, would want to stay here. Let us help you sprout roots. Or, if you are already established here, let us help you keep your dreams alive. Our doors are always open and our people are always willing to listen, even if you have been turned down before. Ease your mind. Call Sun Mortgage Lending. 

Sun Mortgage Funding is a professional mortgage lender that offers loans to Saint Bernard, LA residents.

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