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FHA Loans in Eunice, LA

There are over 7,000 households and 5,000 families in the parish of Eunice, LA. About twenty-five percent of these families fall below the poverty line. Because of this, it would be necessary for these families to get financing to purchase or refurbish a home. Sun Mortgage Funding is a mortgage lender that can help the citizens of Louisiana get the money they need to purchase or refurbish a home.

The company offers two types of loans that are guaranteed by the Federal Government. FHA Loans are geared toward people who have had financial problems and find it difficult to get other types of mortgages. These loans can only be gotten from a licensed company and are geared toward helping people purchase a home. Rural Development Loans are designed to help people purchase a home in a more rural setting. These loans can only be used to buy certain types of houses.

Sun Mortgage can help people acquire and manage a mortgage loan. The company will fill out all the paperwork for their customers and guide them through the loan process. If a customer needs to refinance a loan, the staff of Sun Mortgage can help him/her do this. Refinancing combines multiple loans or mortgages into a single loan. This can lower payments and interest rates for the customer.

Sometimes, homeowners need loans to help pay for repairs to their house and property. Sun Mortgage can help people get loans to remodel or repair their house. Maintaining a home properly is important. Doing this can increase the home’s resale value. A well-cared for yard or property can also increase the value of a house.

Sun Mortgage also provides loans for customers wishing to purchase property for investment purposes. An example of this type of loan is related to multi-family unit properties. These properties have more than one but fewer than five homes on them. Any property with more than five homes is considered a commercial property. Customers who are considering investing in this sort of property should contact Sun Mortgage. There are some special considerations with this type of property to keep in mind. Owners will have to maintain the property, collect rent, and deal with tenants.

When making a life altering decision, like purchasing a home, it is wise to consult a professional. The staff at Sun Mortgage can answer questions and give advice to customers. They can also help steer customers toward the right loans to suit their needs. Remember that asking for advice about something that is unfamiliar is a wise decision and can help keep problems from developing in the future.

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