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The Sun Mortgage Company wants to be your mortgage lender of choice in all of your FHA Mortgage needs in the Catahoula LA area. An FHA Mortgage is an important step in many families' goals of becoming financially self-sufficient and securing their goal of homeownership. Thus, the purpose is this article is to educate the reader on FHA Loans and whether you might qualify. Sun Mortgage Funding has dedicated, qualified, and experienced staff that will be able to answer any questions that you might have about the mortgage process and the unique nature of the FHA system. We desire to be the Catahoula Parish resident's mortgage lender of choice for loans. 


A cursory glance of the real estate offerings in Catahoula parish reveals a number of listings that could qualify for FHA financing, including many houses in the early to mid $100,000's range. There are even a few foreclosure properties as well. There are two bedroom properties, three bedroom properties, and homes with a variety of amenities, including fireplaces, large kitchens, central heating and air, and some with ample square footage for leg room. Any of these sample listings could be yours with an FHA loan from Sun Mortgage Company. 


In order to be able to participate in the FHA selection process, a mortgagee must meet the following requirements: 

1. Steady employment. 

The Federal Housing Administration desires that their clients have at least two years of steady employment, preferably with the same employment. They desire as one of their factors for determining if you are a good credit risk. 

2. Good credit history.

Generally most FHA companies require that the client has at least a 620 credit rating, with no more than two thirty day late charges on their record. There are times when the FHA will issue a mortgage loanwhen the client has no credit history as well. 

3. Adequate income requirements. 

For the loan to be approved, the client must be able to show that they are only spending up to 29% on all housing expenses, including mortgage considerations and taxes. This requirement also assists the buyer in determining their price range as well. In some cases, the maximum percentage can be raised to 35% of total income as long as the borrower can show that they can adequately budget for the expense. If you have a good employment history, credit history, and good income requirements, you can be a homeowner in the Catahoula parish. 

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