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FHA Loans in Belle Chasse, LA

FHA Loans are a great financing option for potential homeowners in Belle Chasse, LA. If you are like most people with moderate credit, you might have thought you'd be renting your entire life. You might have even been considering saying yes to a loan from a lender with a higher interest rate than you were comfortable with, just to get into a new home. With an FHA Loan from Sun Mortgage, you're not going to have to make either of these compromises. 

These Loans Were Designed for People Like You

An FHA Loan will put you into a home quickly and as a loan product, it encourages long term home ownership. The process for obtaining these loans is actually quite simple, if you prepare in advance. Don't wait until a week before you have to turn all of your paper work in to get started. Start preparing now, to make your approval process as simple as possible.

What You Will Need

Keep the following Information Sheet with pertinent information at hand and gather the following Paperwork. Make a copy of everything and put it in a folder for the lender way ahead of schedule. Something could come up within the last few days, so getting this all done a week ahead of time is ideal.

On the Information Sheet List for Yourself/Both Borrowers:

  • The Social Security Number(s) 
  • Your Address
  • a Listing of All Employers for the Past Two Years
  • the Checking and Savings Account Numbers and Routing Numbers
  • the Current Gross Income
  • a Statement of the Value of All of Your Current Property

Gather the Following Paperwork for Yourself/Both Borrowers:

  • the Current Checking and Savings Account Statements
  • any Statements and Information Regarding any Open Loans
  • Paperwork on Any Other Real Estate You Own
  • Tax Returns for the Past Two Years
  • Check Stubs for the Past Three Months
  • the W2, ,1099 or Other Appropriate Earnings Reports for the Past Two Years
  • a Veterans Certificate of Eligibility Form DD-214 if Applicable
  • a Self Employed Balance Sheet or Current Income Statement if Applicable

Lastly, you'll have to be remember to put money aside for the credit report for yourself or both borrowers and the property appraisal. 

The FHA will select the appraiser, but you have to pay for it. Find out ahead of time what that expense will be so you won't have to scramble to get that money together later.

In addition to providing FHA Loan products, Sun Mortgage is a mortgage lender that offers many loan products. Whether you are looking for a traditional mortgage loan or a refinance, you might have more options available to you than you realize. Sun Mortgage Funding is a local company based out of Louisiana and they know the Belle Chasse, LA market intimately. They can help you realize your dream of home ownership or simply help to save you money by revamping your current situation.

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